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eDub - The Award Winning Team Modernising Classic Campers Since 2013

Not all campers are created equal.

Many classic campers go through various ‘costume changes’ as different owners try to create the ideal vehicle.

eDub Trips have gone the ultimate one step further; converting to 100% electric to create the perfect camper experience.

The idea came in 2013 with a conversation about simply about taking a classic 70’s camper and replacing the engine with an electric drivetrain. The conclusion to this initial discussion; ‘How hard can it be?’.

Since that day, the iconic logo was scribbled on a napkin and eDub was born.

First step was to source a camper and convert it, taking 2 years to source the right team, the perfect 1974 American imported camper and the most suitable conversion pack, squeezing a 88BHP motor and 26kWh of batteries inside.

eDub started hiring in 2015 and over the years has been featured in VW Camper and Commercial Magazine, The Guardian, Autocar and Performance VW, not to mention supporting several charities, education settings and events throughout the UK.

Indie now features a larger battery pack with 40% more range; so you can explore even more of the UK each day on your eDub Trip.

Indie is joined by her first eDub Trips companion camper; a 1979 VW T2 called Maggie. She features a 35kWh battery pack and a Tesla motor so automatic driving!!

Hire her from our second location in Glenfinnan, Scotland!

eDub has gone from strength to strength, being recognised throughout the UK and known globally.

Winner of the Prestige award for Vehicle Modification Specialist of the Year 2021, eDub and its team are sought after features at many shows and events throughout the year.

eDub HQ is in North Yorkshire and very proud of it too, operating its hire and conversion service from the same premises. So if you're hiring Indie, make sure you allow time to have a nosey around the other projects. If hiring Maggie from Glenfinnan in Scotland, check out the Host's Eco Home, you're sure to be amazed!